Sites to Make You Get Up for the Get Down
by Jeff Lewis

Rickey Vincent's The History of Funk

Each friday night, Uhuru Maggot a.k.a. Rickey Vincent hosts The History of Funk Show on KPFA in Berkeley, CA. The station's range isn't great, but luckily you can listen to it archived.

Rickey Vincent teaches the history of funk at San Francisco State University and U.C. Berkeley and is the author on the definitive book on funk music, Funk: The Music, the People, and the Rhythm of the One, now translated into japanese and italian. Vincent's recently upgraded his website, which you should check out.

Wax Poetics

This quarterly magazine's slogan is, "It's all about the beats," but there's more to Wax Poetics than most music magazines. It bills itself as a "clever cross between an academic journal and a hip magazine," and it occasionally dabbles in history and sociology. Each article is packed with information on funk music that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. Yearly subscriptions are available through the website.

This site contains over 2000 audio clips of obscure, funky soul music from the heydey of the funk 45 in the late sixties and early seventies. Virtually all of these songs are unavailable on CD, so unless you have crates of singles in your garage, this is probably the only place you'll get to hear this stuff. The quality of some of the recordings is grainy, but that just makes them grittier.

The D-Flow

Shock G, the man behind Digital Underground, has a new CD available through his website, The highlights of the website include free MP3s and a hip hop slang glossary.

Dusty Groove

This funkcentric record store, based in Chicago but selling worldwide, has anything you can imagine. If it's funky, they sell it.


Great source of information on turnablism, the art of DJing. This year, the cast of the movie Scratch are touring the country, recreating the history of turntabilism before live audiences.

Cold Grits

This site promotes a funk band from the Netherlands, which isn't of much use for those of you living outside of Europe, but it's worth visiting the site for the groove that they play over their homepage.

Stones Throw Records

The lineup for this label, run by Peanut Butter Wolf, includes Madlib, Madvillain and the Breakestra. You can listen to a rotating list of the label's MP3s through a featured called The Jukebox.

The Hammond Grounds

A website dedicated to the Hammond B3 organ! Includes a lot of free downloads, including MP3s from Richard "Groove" Holmes, Larry Young and the Beastie Boys.